How to open up the gap between the hot pot industry and marketing

in the food market competition tide, the same hot food brands are staged every day in the market to fight wars, winning their only goal, so there will be a problem: "how to do marketing homogenization of products to open the difference?" is also open Hot pot shop, is also a graffiti style. How to attract the attention of customers decoration


hot pot industry marketing strategy what is special? The same is a hot pot restaurant, different businesses have different modes of operation

cheap? How can we make it look cheaper than other restaurants? Now it’s getting worse and worse. Excessive homogenization of food, the same is to open a hot pot shop, recipes and tastes are similar, what is the use of marketing ideas to be able to operate better than the same pot shop


a discount, discount has become the past

do price promotions may be the first thought of the business plan, a engage in promotions, a number of activities. Different play, the same routine, not only do business tired, the customer is not. Businesses try to engage in promotional activities through differentiation strategy, is to lock a group of stable and loyal customers, the restaurant industry to obtain sustainable development.

two, the restaurant to create IP

food, food since ancient times, no more than the traditional industries. In this restaurant, the emergence of a number of new brands and markets. Now a lot of popular star is to want to create their own star IP restaurant. Star control of the restaurant industry distinctive personality, has been given the image of the star, rich in a certain sense, well received by young groups and love. That there are a lot of inexplicable customers, because like a star, specifically to patronize his restaurant.

obviously, the stars have a strong force to attract a large number of fans to follow, and willing to pay for it, this is the power of IP leadership.

general catering industry should be good at Mining Manufacturing customers interested in IP, IP is actually the most intuitive image of the catering industry, a lot of restaurants in order to attract customers, will be launched in different seasons time according to the tone and theme restaurant popular factors.

three, empathy

from the perspective of the customer service optimization and improve the dishes, make the restaurant can meet the needs of the consumers, faced with a lot of homogenization of restaurants, businesses began headache, what kind of service? How to find their own position? Blindly follow the trend, and can not play a good effect. Learn to stand in the consumer’s perspective