Catering business must be financing

now why so many entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, investors, this is a risky way to make money but money fast, while the business must go through financing, only to have someone you venture financing has been a major success.

a few days ago, met a small face to get 25 million of the investment in the food and beverage industry caused by shock. Do business all know, access to large amounts of financing, at present, can be listed bell. As one of the criteria for success. 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo even asserted: now the enterprise can not be successful financing is not possible, so in the catering industry, financing is a necessary stage of enterprise success?

food finance history

in the catering sector, both announced the mother-in-law Tianyuan chicken restaurant pastoral agricultural and sideline products processing enterprises under the new board listed after. Song Qi met facet is to obtain Hony capital’s Hong Kong listed companies 100 holdings 25 million yuan a round of financing. For a time the catering sector burst, praise that "small can get financing, I do a single product can be successful". Bad mouthing that now do the restaurant to finance, a little quick success". Catering enterprises each financing is not easy, which is determined by the objective factors of food and beverage business. Financing appears in the scientific and technological circles, because the scientific and technological products need to burn for users.

but the food will need to finance it?

One of the characteristics of

food, cash flow is abundant, today’s money will be able to spend tomorrow. That being the case, why so many food brands are so eager for money


meal financing for which kind of

meal financing, the first point is to speed faster, less risk to get more development funds. It may take a year to prepare for a branch of the funds, if the financing, the moment will be able to open stores. Food and beverage brands can take money to crazy shop, the formation of scale effect. At the same time, the restaurant brand financing can also cause the attention of the market, increase brand activity. Remove the money, financing can also bring valuable resources for the industry. For example, after meeting the first round of financing, the former McDonald’s executives to help meet the establishment of a small operating system and personnel training system. 99 Fen of financing, to help meet the small clear procurement, supply chain, construction, manpower and other obstacles.

financing difficulties

but in fact the financial opaque, earnings instability, management is not standardized and other disadvantages, are restricting the meal prices get financing. Even after the financing, and not all brands will be able to sail with the wind. Before xiangeqing crashed, after the South Beauty, dumplings and investment institutions tear force. It is not easy to take the money, can not afford this money is not easy to eat