Now you can join a pedicure shop

a lot of people have seen the current hot investment market, so he would also like to enter into this market. However, the hot market does not mean that investors have achieved profitability, but also does not mean that now can be successfully entered into the venture capital market. So, now you can join a pedicure shop?

I chose a headquarters in Nanjing foot chain, roughly 150 thousand yuan to join the fee, including the use of the brand, part of the equipment, shop guidance, etc.. If coupled with my rent rent (one year), renovation costs, equipment costs, shop publicity, other expenses, about 500 thousand yuan. I did not come into contact with the heart is not the end, not sure, I would like to ask the teacher to help get an idea.


first, do you think this business to make money, and now you see the local operating foot shop is making money. So, now there will be others like you, but also ready to do it? This is inevitable. Emerging service industry is recognized by local consumers, must make money. But afraid of the swarm, and finally do not fight to fight the price of the service, a lot of people in the case of the confiscation of the cost was forced to close the door, which requires you to consider.

second, from the investment point of view, the greater the risk. "Join" does not necessarily guarantee you money, to form investment, once the business is not good, it means that 150 thousand yuan did not, and this is not to the brand value of 150 thousand yuan, and now a lot of "brand" is to rely on their own investment hype, and not the people recognized brand. Foot care industry, I see a night out of China a lot of so-called cards, but the industry in China is also less than ten years, how come so many brands?

and your rent, renovation, equipment investment in, once the business is not good, these investments may be not worth a penny. Such a vote if two years can not recover the cost, the risk is also great, because it may involve re fitting, updating equipment. The final result, the surface is that you invest in a business, but in fact is the greatest risk of their own at the same time, you have to work for others (government, franchisees, landlords, employees).

third, you do not have experience in this industry, I suggest you go to the nearby city to understand the real benefits and vitality of the business". A lot of ways to go through the understanding of service staff to understand, or think of ways to approach the shop owner to understand, these can provide you with valuable experience. Because you have no experience in the project, but led 500 thousand yuan money to fight, the key to success is you. Not familiar with the core experience of the industry, it is not recommended that you do now.


said the shop now has become a new form of entrepreneurship in the whole society, but if you rush into the venture market, but also need to recommend