What is the bottom of the sea fishing pot made of

sea bottom material is made of what? This article for you to introduce in detail on the bottom of the sea fishing pot material knowledge. An Hot pot I think everyone is more love to eat, Hot pot is a popular way of eating, Hot pot origin is originally a way to facilitate the invention, but later it was discovered that this way of eating is not only convenient and taste good, so is the spread, has now become the Hot pot speaking, I think the most important is Hot pot bottom material, the base material directly affects the Hot pot flavor, the following is to introduce some related contents about Haidilao Hot pot bottom material. This kind of material is very famous, we can come to know in detail.

sea fishing Hot pot bottom material formula have? Haidilao Hot pot bottom material formula without slag material: 20 pounds of butter, canola oil and chicken oil, 50 pounds 10 pounds, 10 pounds of bean sauce, 2.5 pounds of sugar, 2.5 pounds of fermented black bean, ginger Paisui 15 kg, 3 kg of high spirits, fermented glutinous rice juice bottle, 5 cut green onions, garlic Paisui. 10 pounds 10 pounds, 10 pounds (boiled pickled, chopped), 1 pounds of pepper, aniseed (withblisters), xiaomila, 0.5, 2 bags of chopped fennel, cinnamon, liquorice chopped 0.2 cloves, nutmeg 0.2 0.2 0.5, 0.2, 0.5 cinnamon, cardamom grass cumin grain 0.2, piperlongumine 0.2, 0.5, three, 0.2, angelica caoguo 0.5, fragrant fruit 0.2, 0.2, 0.2, etc. 0.2 woody, Amomum 0.1, geraniol 0.5 (GaN Siong spice all crushed after scalded with boiling water to thoroughly dry water)

submarine hot pot bottom material red soup specific modulation method is:

1, the first set each on a wok, heat butter burning 8 into the heat, add onion and coriander each pound. To taste. Remove after adding 7 into heat oil rapeseed Chicken in Soya Sauce xiaomila. Flat dry bean, onion. Add ginger. Garlic fermented black bean. Pepper, stir the fragrance and red after a small fire under the flat dry pickled spices.

2, when the smell of fried after fermented glutinous rice juice, sugar and boil, until soup is thick and fragrant, spicy sweet taste, can be used in ladle into Hot pot.

3, liquor for cooling, so as not to put the bottom material fried paste. Stir well and stuffy overnight, second days of the separation of oil, boil water and impurities were used for soup and soup.

submarine hot pot bottom material of red soup should also pay attention to the following two points: first, the surface of the soup floating foam, mixed with oil, must be skimmed. The method is: gently wipe with the back of the spoon, let floating foam on the back of the spoon, and then removed, so as not to leave the oil. Two is to taste halfway. If the salty enough, add salt; if spicy flavor is not thick, add bean.