Join have pock hot and dry noodles what conditions need

Hot and dry noodles

characteristics of the five major brands in the China pasta is a very popular, noodles soft collocation exquisite special sauces, let people eat a lead a person to endless aftertastes. Hot and dry noodles is Hubei province Wuhan City Han special snack, originally is the characteristic of Wuhan delicacy, many places in Hubei are very popular. With the increase in population in Hubei and other provinces, Wuhan is hot and dry noodles in many places to see, is one of the many people love the pasta.

had pitted hot dry noodles through several generations of inheritance, grasp the unique production process, whether it is summer or spring autumn winter is a favorite food, hot and dry noodles have had pitted consumer market wide. What are the conditions for joining it?

had pitted hot and dry noodles join conditions:

(a) apply for membership

1, who recognized Mazi corporate culture, identity has pitted delicious, health and environmental protection and sustainable management spirit.

2, with a certain independent management experience; have the ability to motivate and train employees and basic management skills.

3, a commercial reputation and good character, willing to invest "has pitted" franchise business.

4, willing to deal with the daily operation of the company in accordance with the requirements of the

5, willing to obey the company’s management; have a strong sense of brand, can consciously maintain the company and join the chain brand image

6, with the objective of assessing the turnover and profitability of the opening of the restaurant.

(two) opened the basic requirements of shops

1, the use area of not less than 30 square meters;

2, the front door storefront window width of not less than 1.2 meters,

3, the height of the outer space shall not be less than 2.1 meters,

4, indoor operating area of not less than 2 meters width,

5, there is a special room, the size of the facade is not required to be approved by the company to join.

6, power requirements: 220V power

7, Sheung Shui requirements: water inlet pipe;

8, drainage requirements: sewage pipe.