Underwear store to join the five traps

more and more consumers are aware of the importance of underwear, so demand will increase. This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. Enough money, it is good to open a lingerie shop. So, how to open underwear shop? The following is the underwear store to join the five traps, presumably you will be prompted to shop, look at it!

, the underwear industry some businesses do not accept initial fee, only charge fees to use the brand, or brand maintenance, in fact, brand royalties or maintenance fee is a franchise fee, just a superficial reform disguised cheat franchisee trick, individual brand may return the maintenance fee, but must complete the task only you can return to the franchisee is not possible to complete the task.

two, some brands of what costs are not received, 75% off delivery, such as: investment of 29800 donated 30 thousand yuan market price, in fact, the market price and the price of the goods is different, do not understand the franchisees tend to understand the error; 30 thousand market value of the product, if the delivery discount 75% off, his supply price was 7500 yuan as for the present; renovation costs 30 thousand yuan, according to the cost of not more than 2000 yuan; the first businesses on the net profit of 20300 yuan, the profit is very high. A 20 – 40 square meters of lingerie shop, if the normal operation and to achieve a reasonable profit, normal inventory 30 thousand – 40 thousand, 7500 yuan of products is certainly not enough, so that the franchisee has signed a contract, and pay the first investment, the store is also according to the image of the decoration business, then the franchisee in order to survive, can get 25000 yuan of money to purchase, purchase price, discount again is very high.

Three, the current 9 yuan underwear market promotion

, in fact is that they provide products of the mantissa is 9, 19, 29, such as 39 to 179, 189, 199 yuan, and all products are not joining the understanding of 9 yuan, 9 yuan only underwear products in the business of individual species, they look to the franchisee the products are good, provide the product is poor, these products are the defective product backlog, size is not complete, discoloration, deformation and other serious quality problems, in order to attract 9 yuan underwear franchisee signing, etc. after receipt of the goods found that most of the products is more than 99 yuan high price, 9 yuan. They just attract franchisees signed trap.

four, if the merchant claims to open a 15 square meters of franchise stores, earn $200 thousand a year, which is the temptation to join the means of business, is one of the pitfalls of lingerie stores. Now shop rent, sales staff wages, electricity bills, taxes, etc., 15 square meters of the store can have a profit of $50 thousand – $80 thousand a year is very normal.

five, individual businesses in order to recruit franchisees or combat counterparts, the so-called low discount 75% off delivery, businesses to increase in the retail price, lower the discount rate, which is against the franchisee, an enterprise must have a reasonable profit to survive. < >