The factors that should be paid attention to

as a general small grocery store, do business with a small capital, after the real beauty salon opened up, investment costs are generally not very low, so every aspect should be pay attention to, from the most basic site here we start the discussion, see if it should pay attention to what is known as the location for!

1, according to the consumer groups decide

again male customers, with the men’s beauty vogue, men’s beauty salons and men’s health museum also will rise, how to win the favor of customers location for men? First of all, we still have to consider what the consumer groups of men’s beauty salon? White-collar workers are generally, these people need regular entertainment, inevitably need to care about their skin. With the female white-collar, men don’t love their customers to let everyone know to do beauty care, so men’s beauty salon location must be secretive, can choose in the office building, or community.

2, do not have to be in downtown

many started to open beauty salon will have such a misunderstanding, is a beauty salon shop location, must be chosen in the downtown area, why? Because the people there are basically white-collar class, there is economic capacity, like to spend time to maintain their own. So beauty shop location in the downtown area is generally recognized.

3, visit the surrounding environment