Grain and oil store management tips

basic necessities of life can not be separated from each person, therefore, investment related industries, strong demand without worry. Oil is essential to everyone’s life, and now, the market a lot of grain and oil stores, want to open the grain and oil store to make money, it is necessary to master some of the techniques and skills. So, what are the grain store management skills?

liangyoudian management skills: To observe the effect of

1, a careful study of your society for community and people to see how their consumption level. If on the middle part, you can prepare a few appropriate quality, packaging fine grain and oil products, food. And to ensure freshness and shelf life. In addition, to your customers recommend a few small package of food, which is in line with the people’s living habits. If it is a high consumption population you should focus on functional health care and green food layout and recommendations.

2, to find a breakthrough point: do not rice, flour, oil, salt and other commodity prices higher than others. On the contrary should be slightly lower than other home, even if your goods are of good quality. Because customers are very sensitive to the price of goods they buy. You can manage more seasoning and semi – finished dishes seasoning. These things are attractive and the profit is relatively objective.

3, delivery and purchasing: find a polite and diligent younger brother, so that he will be in time to send the goods to the customer to go upstairs, so that customers can complete the purchase of a phone call. At the same time, the customer needs to remember things one by one, for them to buy back to send, do not add or less money. As part of your store extension service.

4, honest attitude: remember, you are sure to do repeat business. Therefore, the price, the quality must not be careless and deception.

5, the appropriate extension of business hours: now large supermarket chains have been competing for the market is very good, the only criterion for survival in the cracks will be more convenient than they. When they are not working.