Some tips to invest in Oolong tea

for the unique operating characteristics, to highlight the Oolong Tea store as a matter of fact, the majority of operators should attach great importance to Oolong Tea store decoration, the operator should make the integral style of the shop to attract more customers, the chain store Oolong Tea consumer customers have a harmonious shopping psychology. Do a good job in the chain of Oolong tea store decoration, then to a certain extent, can attract traffic, a chain of Oolong tea store exterior decoration usually need to have the following elements:

Other features:

signs: signs are permanent advertising, to stimulate the curiosity of consumers, attracted the attention of consumers, for consumers to memory, but also reflects the general style of tea, tea to take most of the traditional style, rectangular plaque, with black lacquer, gold background, Chinese name, celebrity writing, carved.

: if you use a pair of antithetical couplet good antithetical couplet, can better reflect the flavor of tea art and culture.

window: the window is the first hall tea shops, it can directly stimulate consumer desire to buy, try to design some window, which can put some attractive tea, such as tea, tea, health tea fresh advertising play loud, some put the right amount of tea, every few days in the window for a few varieties. In the light to light, display tea and tea and tea to form a beautiful picture, and constantly changes.

exterior lights: Tea exterior lighting must be bright, preferably in white or green, not red, if one or two green lamp is more prominent shops appeal.