Student career counseling and entrepreneurship guidance on one service launched

college students have entered the campus innovation and entrepreneurship, with the campus of this platform, college students are more and more convenient, but also to ensure the quality of entrepreneurship. Huaqiao University officially launched the career counseling and career guidance on one to one service.

3 28, Huaqiao University in 2016 as one of the top of the practical projects of the private sector – student career counseling and entrepreneurship guidance for one on one service officially launched. Deputy director of student affairs, director of student employment guidance center, the country’s senior vocational guidance Jing Wong took the lead in the Xiamen campus career planning and employment guidance counseling room for the appointment of students to consult.

19 teachers

the first applied to join the service, have received national certification or related occupation refers to teacher’s occupation, GCDF participated in the global planner EET entrepreneurial education training and other professional qualification, have rich occupation career counseling and career guidance experience, team has 2 professors, 3 associate professor people.



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