A man in Chongqing because WeChat red gambling theft

a lot of people like to grab a red envelope, red is not the size, but to bring a different meaning. But there are still some people because of the red WeChat astray, have to say that the popular WeChat red envelopes disrupted a lot of people’s habits. Live in Chongqing District of Tongliang, a high on the fascination with WeChat red Solitaire, a year lost all deposits, but also tens of thousands of debt.

to pay his debts, he took the initiative to flee to Hechuan, Jiangbei and other places to implement theft. In March 27th, Chongqing is an Internet cafes playing games, some are high Hechuan District Public Security Bureau police arrested. He was caught after, for meritorious service, and to report their use of WeChat red envelopes Solitaire gambling losses.

police involved in the investigation found that his gambling and the other WeChat casino evidence is not open all the way – his cell phone has been restored after the factory set to sell.

massage technician hooked on WeChat grab red

high is a massage technician, every month has a lot of money. In March last year, a friend pulled him into a red WeChat group, said the group every day there are red envelopes, but need. Curiously, he found that the group of friends rarely chat, almost only red hair, hair is red envelopes before the fight luck, there will be provisions, such as the fewest people continue to grab red hair. At the beginning, we are only 10 yuan, $20 to play, slowly addicted, a fat red hair is also growing.

see the red light on the point, simply can not stop." In order to grab a red envelope, a high or even sleep all night. Due to a high degree of fascination with the red game to go to work is also listless, the boss repeatedly to find their conversation, warning them to go to work at the point, but caught in a red WeChat game a high disapproval, eventually lost his job.

is not a good source of high savings, money soon deposit was also issued a blank, but also more than one bank overdraft credit card. In order to pay off the debt of a decision to commit suicide.

because playing red envelopes game to enter the road of gambling, so that he lost his property also led to their own law is not worth it. Chongqing police tips, according to the relevant laws, the organization of more than 3 people in gambling, tap profit more than 5000 yuan, a total of more than 50 thousand yuan, participate in gambling gambling more than 20 staff, as long as one of the 3 cases, the police can initiate. If the people are dragged into the suspected gambling red group, do not participate in and timely alarm.

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