Expensive pet health products market is difficult to develop profitable

if only the general health care products, many people are very familiar, however, pet health care products, but many people have never heard of. In the current era, due to the important role of pets in the family, leading to pet health care products have begun to be sought after by more and more people, the price is soaring. However, such business opportunities, although sounds good, but the market is not optimistic.

franchisee in order to obtain high profits, high product prices. A bag of only a dozen dollars of pet health care products, wholesale price of about one hundred dollars, investors in order to ensure the acquisition of 300% of the profits, the retail price of up to several hundred dollars.

so expensive pet care products, ordinary people simply can not afford, so there is no market demand.

past life

pet health food is said to use pure plant raw materials, the use of high-tech means of extraction, with the treatment of a variety of pet diseases, while anti animal organ aging, anti-aging magic effect. Praised by some "biology experts" as a good product for prolonging the life of animals. Its earliest in 2008, appeared in the Beijing market. Then the relevant investment advertising frequently appeared in various investment websites and TV programs around the country, attracting the attention of many small investors.

rumors of the pet industry "with medicine"

The essence of this

product extract pine, juniper, sweater, cats, dogs and other animal containing beneficial natural amino acids, vitamins, pine polyphenols, saponins and other trace elements. Pet life after the general extension of 50% or so, the longest up to about 1 times.

high profit

join pet food chain investment of not more than 50 thousand yuan, annual profit of more than ten million yuan. The retail price of the product is lower than that of the foreign similar products, and the price is about 40%. Even such a low price, profit margins are still more than 300%.

Mount Lu product performance is exaggerated, advertising alleged violations

State Bureau of technical supervision, said the market on the sale of pet health food is basically the general pet food, which does contain a certain amount of nutrients. But there is no evidence to prove that this kind of food has the special effect of advertising.

at the same time, according to the National Food Administration "health food review interim provisions": "health food advertisements about health care function, product ingredients propaganda should be based on the prospectus approved by the food and drug supervision and Administration Department of the State Council shall prevail, shall not be arbitrarily changed." And 90% of these products are not advertised in accordance with the contents of the set