Dongguan Yi nvestment incubator three agencies also inaugurated

business incubator to enter China, to help many entrepreneurial team to achieve the dream. At the same time to assist others in the development of business incubators are making their own changes. The new Dongguan Yi Investment incubator focused on a certain capital technology industry professional support services, more effective.

12 10, Dongguan Yi Investment incubator, to raise public finance institute Guangdong branch, Renmin University of China School of business practice base and the opening ceremony was held in the center of Dongguan creative industry park. It is understood that the Dongguan Yi Investment incubator is a professional incubator operated by Cci Capital Ltd Yi Dongguan electronic computing center and Shenzhen’s main services capital production technology, such as advanced manufacturing, high-end equipment, new energy, new materials, bio medicine and other enterprises.

three institutions at the same time opening, Dongguan enterprises to add new vitality to upgrade and innovation transformation. Dongguan City Vice Mayor He Yu said, Shenzhen Yi investment is the famous domestic high-tech enterprise incubators, docking at home and abroad have abundant capital and technology resources, many successful incubator of high-tech enterprises, is the leader in the field of virtual incubator; Renmin University of China School of business Renmin University of China backed by abundant teachers and social resources, focus on the cultivation of innovation and entrepreneurship talents, is the leader of domestic entrepreneurship education; to raise public finance is a new way of financing investment and great potential for the development of the new era, with rich experience to raise public finance institute to raise financial theory and practice in all aspects. These leading institutions settled in Dongguan, to improve the innovation service system in Dongguan, the gathering of innovative talent, promote the ‘public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation’ has a very important significance." He Yu said.

three of Dongguan innovation and entrepreneurship development very impetus mechanism at the same time opening, that Dongguan has enough attraction attracted capital, but in the eyes of different investors, Dongguan’s "temptation" is not the same.