The traditional fishing is on how gorgeous transformation – the whole Hot pot

hot pot brand a lot, we are more familiar with the fishing, fishing, Dai Mei, Liu Yishou, etc., to be recommended today is also a well-known hot pot brand, it is still on the hot pot. The establishment of this brand has passed through a little-known metamorphosis. How to look at the following you know.

folk Shabu butcher, Qianlong my heart

legend, Emperor Qian Long once the tiny South tour, journey through a hot pot ShabuShabu shop, then to enter the shop to eat. Unexpectedly, the hot pot shop this deserted wild but let him clap, especially the beef, eat not greasy is not red, smell mildly long, endless aftertaste. He called the boss asked one of the mysteries of the boss to see him wearing and the backing is not small, then talk to Qianlong hot pot of mystery. Originally, the beef is pre marinated, Ruwei fishes, so there are different levels of taste, more fragrant to think. The emperor Qian Long after listen to clap, Huibi immediately give a word " is a product of "


celestial fairy house, the world God Wang

Beijing, Qianlong of Murano hot pot fresh taste is hard to forget, and sent to the shop owner Beijing, called the imperial kitchen chef, specialize in hot pot delicacy, for the palace banquet. Qianlong’s diet alone as an example: the main dishes is the bird’s nest red and white duck hot pot. As for the festive season, such as new year’s Eve feast, Qianlong lunch menu on more than one hundred and twenty dishes, hot pot more. Qianlong several thousand gentleman feast held, with thousands of " to Hot pot ShabuShabu; retired worker ", is a favorite of Emperor Qianlong Hot pot, is almost " not one day the prince ".

pot is still the top grade, delicious fishing

As a popular delicacy

Hot pot, north to northeast, South to Guangzhou, West Sichuan Yunnan, East Zhejiang, almost no one does not like to eat Hot pot. It is out of the headquarters of twists and turns, from the imperial room third generation hand obtained formula, aimed at the gaps in the market, after years of development, the development of export flavor marinade original package, the process is simplified, the ancient palace of the hot pot into the modern market of arcane Hot pot, with its unique charm instantly plump taste, love and the vast number of consumers the. Is fishing on the continuation of the " is "; word, it is adhering to the excellence of curing technique and strict in demands of professionalism, the taste is still on the play to the extreme, a popular time, set off a new round of upsurge of

Hot pot!

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