College students need passion and entrepreneurship need reason

entrepreneurship driven employment has been carried out so far, the contemporary college students will continue to improve the entrepreneurial intentions. College students have passion, innovation, knowledge, but if only these are not enough, you want to succeed in business, you need to be more rational passion.

on whether self employment, students have to calmly think clearly. I want to be what kind of person, have a heart with the plans for their future. Want to do business, it may be from the University began to accumulate entrepreneurial experience; want to engage in scientific research, in the study of serious professional knowledge.

the choice in the venture, it should remain rational. According to the survey, there are two extreme college students entrepreneurial projects: one is too high, some entrepreneurial projects often do not have a mature production technology or market demand. So in the choice of entrepreneurial projects, college students must do a good job of technical research and market research, do not let the blueprint for the blueprint for a business. Two is too arbitrary, entrepreneurial projects remain in the stall or micro business level. It is not to say that such a project is not right or not, but that college students as a social group with higher knowledge literacy, entrepreneurship and innovation combined with the best. Make full use of their professional knowledge, to make their own characteristics, make a level.

in "public entrepreneurship, innovation" era, even lofty recommendation