nstant noodles ten brands list – the whole

instant noodles is not only delicious but also very convenient, in the current food and beverage market has been a lot of people’s favorite. Of course, because of the huge market demand, resulting in a large brand of instant noodles market is also very much. So, let’s make a small series to introduce the ten brands of instant noodles, so you can choose to be more suitable for the brand consumption.

instant noodles ten brands list NO.1, master:

Master Kong Holdings Limited and Affiliated Companies are mainly engaged in the production and sale of instant noodles, drinks and cakes in china. The group began production of instant noodles in 1992, and has expanded its business to cakes and drinks since the year of 1996. At present, the group’s three largest products have a significant market position in China’s food market.

instant noodles ten brands list NO.2, uniform:

unified enterprise logo, from the English word "PRESIDENT" prefix "P" evolved. Wings three slash and the soaring body represents "3 a fair" brand spirit (i.e., good quality, good credibility, good service, reasonable price), but also a symbol of the other hand with love sincere confidence as the basis to provide goods and services to consumers, as well as the products which the moral base flat innovation breakthrough cut wings, is the characterization of stable, decent and honest. The whole shape symbolizes transcendence, soaring, peace, and a healthy and happy future.

ten instant noodles brand ranking NO.3, jinmailang:

jinmailang Food Group Co. Ltd is a comprehensive modern food enterprises a set of production, sales, research and development in one, with first-class production level and "convenience food jinmailang", "Hualong" and other well-known brand reputation in China, the company employs 30 thousand people, the total assets amounted to 5 billion yuan, respectively, flour noodle food, drinks, and the five Division, under the 28 branch.

instant noodles ten brands list NO.4, white elephant:

white elephant group Food Co., Ltd. is a convenient food development, production based branch, industry and trade as one of the national large-scale enterprises, the main products are "white elephant" brand series of instant noodles, noodles and flour. The company’s existing staff of more than 13 thousand people, including college graduates accounted for more than 70%; the total assets of 1 billion 500 million yuan, under the jurisdiction of nine instant noodles production base and 1 flour factory, 1 factory, 2 Hanging noodles seasonings company, 1 investment development company, including a total of 14 companies.

instant noodles ten brands list NO.5, thinking circle: