April new home transactions in Wuhan average daily turnover of 182

whether it is to buy a house or a house, the price has been a matter of concern to everyone. So, the recent price of the whole market showing a development trend? Here and look at the small Wuhan April new home volume information.

house prices are generally more than a few thousand dollars, less a few hundred dollars, are only a few months ago up. Look at prices slowly to jump up, we would like to buy a suite in Wuhan as early as possible, settle down." Last year after graduating from the white-collar white-collar Xiao Li told reporters that recently, she and her boyfriend are shuttling in Optics Valley major real estate showings.

industry experts predict that some of the speculative funds to invest in the first tier cities, instead of entering the first tier cities and key second tier cities, increasing the risk of tightening policy, such as Wuhan and other cities. In the second half, Wuhan and other cities will enter the policy adjustment period, in order to achieve stable prices, the purpose of regulating the market.

City Housing Authority: average daily housing transactions received 182

3 since late April, Shanghai and other first-tier cities have introduced property tightening policy will squeeze some buyers to the surrounding areas or on the second city, April, Wuhan new home transaction volume and price go up, increase trend.

5 14, real estate broker Chen Jie 5:30 in the morning from the Hanyang residence taxi to Wuhan City real estate transactions and registration and Certification Center for customers queuing up. At 6, Chen Jie, who was at the front of the line, was a little sleepy. She simply sat on the floor with her hands in her lap, her head resting on her lap. Less than half an hour, she has stood behind nearly 30 people.

busy Chen Jie is queuing up in recent days to deal with a microcosm. On the morning of 7, the center opened the door, lined up more than and 60 people into rush hall, hall crowded, window, Rest Area are for business people.


Bureau of Wuhan city from March 1st to April 30th, the Bureau directly under the housing transaction registration window receiving daily housing transactions since 182, reached a historical peak, nearly 60 staff receiving daily workload, super saturation.

Wuhan City Housing Authority official said that the property market policies are favorable, the first suite down payment ratio fell to 20%, the level of interest rates also fell to a record low interest rates, the real estate market transactions active.

in addition to the tax reform policy stimulus, in February 22, 2016, the real estate transaction taxes, business tax preferential policy adjustment formally implemented, a number of favorable policies to improve housing demand to stimulate the release of a lot of people selling small room.

In addition,

real estate camp changed to increase policy from May 1st to implement, the first recommendation involved