Detonated the 61 market, let my happiness and wealth.

soon came to the Children’s Day once a year, as a holiday for children, nature is joy, what gift to children? Of course, the high-end atmosphere on the grade of the product ~ a domineering baby stroller, children will certainly be able to win the eyes of countless people ~


brandMy baby is


smooth edge and no edge: my baby pay attention to details, the use of advanced technology, all plastic and metal are slippery smooth, there is no exposed orifice, flash burr and other phenomena, there is no danger of sharp edges or other baby tip phenomenon. My baby stroller with higher safety factor.

crack protection, reserved space: the stroller structure because of the function need there will be a lot of activity components, in normal use, children may touch some cracks and pinch point, may pinch to children’s body. According to my many years of experience, according to the physical characteristics of children, set aside large free space, or in my stroller crevice place, plus a protective device, no folders in hand, more intimate, more secure.


design more humane, to create the most secure ggtiger stroller, protect the health and safety of the growth of children. My baby to increase consumer demand, leading the development of the industry.