Do business to be able to let customers finish

when we listen, if you want to provide better advice, naturally also need to let others say more complete, and we in the face of customers is also the same. Let the customer end, say simple, but not easy to do.

"speak" is the most important way to communicate with the customer and the customer, and to maintain the customer’s emotion. It plays a very important role in the retail business. To say "nice" is an art, "listening" is an art. Some people are good at listening, some people do not want to listen to other people, like to interrupt the topic of others. Would like to listen to other people’s speech, whether the customer to finish, the effect will be very different.

day, I went to the county of a tobacco non-staple food supermarket. After buying, waiting to pay at the cashier, came in an aunt. Aunt a door, the supermarket cashier said: "girl, I bought eggs in the supermarket yesterday, you find the wrong money." Listen to the aunt, the cashier turned down, ranging from Aunt finish, was rudely interrupted and said: "face to face money across the money out of the supermarket door silver goods square, is not responsible for. What would you do if I asked for less money?"

aunt froze for a long time to every single word or phrase in front of the cashier said: "you can’t regret! I wanted to come to you to find more money back, you said, even out of the door!" Say that finish, aunt angrily left. The cashier was dumbfounded. Aunt this is good, but did not wait to finish the cashier, began to grumble at the customer, not to give the opportunity to defend, and finally not only misunderstood others, but also to the supermarket suffered losses.

business, some retail customers do not want customers to finish. But do not let customers finish, it is easy to cause misunderstanding, say or do the wrong things and hurt others, also affect themselves and the image of the store. Let the customer finish, not only is the respect to others, but also to understand the complete information, to avoid misunderstanding the only proper course to take.

a lot of people anxious temperament, don’t wait for others to finish the words began to run on others, such people do business, but also how to get the customer’s approval? In a word, it takes only a minute to get the customer to finish and listen to the customer’s reasons. Only let the customer to finish the words, it is possible to understand the true idea of customers, in order to reach consensus in listening.