The flexible multi – head product sales all over the

is now a lot of people will choose to do business, but the business is very rigid thinking, leading to difficult to sell goods. In fact, in this new era of business, want to sell goods high, or more brains. After being laid off, I opened a small supermarket. Free time, I often look at some of the management of books and newspapers, and learn from them, in order to improve their ability to operate.

has such a wealth of stories, attracted the attention of the author. This paper introduces a knitting factory: the main products are men’s shirts, although the product quality is good, but with the changes of life style, this kind of old T-shirts more and more the retired old man No one shows any interest in, only to wear this shirt "old man". The factory warehouse old man backlog serious, the factory is also on the verge of bankruptcy.

then put forward proposals to young technicians: write some calligraphy in white shirt back and chest printed on the aphorisms, such as "Hello," I don’t bother "could step as boundless as the sea and sky". The result, this batch of style unchanged, only the small change, the backlog of T-shirts Meiqimingyue "T-shirt, put on the market, the sales situation is surprisingly good, even in the country set off a" T-shirt "hot. The factory warehouse backlog all sold out, when the profit of one million yuan.

so I understand a truth: the poor are changed, change the pass. There is no unsalable goods, only the sale of lag, it depends on whether you intentions, whether the right method.

This inspired by

wealth story through observation, the author noticed the shop near the 104 National Highway, there are a lot of night work such as taxi drivers, all love at six or seven in the morning to buy cigarettes, and near the hotel name cigarettes were first commercial and letter are to be on time. I decided to play in their own time on the difference between the time, early to open the door, close the door, and for the driver to provide instant noodles with boiling water. Naturally, these taxi drivers will soon become the author of the hardcore customers, the author of the store cigarette sales have also been upgraded.

I also with some major customers to establish a family card". During the holidays, the author will call or send text messages to these customers, condolences, with sincere service to consolidate the relationship between the two sides.

for a long time, there are a lot of retail households are in accordance with the concept of "more goods, goods," the concept of operating the shop, resulting in a wide range of goods in the shop, placed disorderly. The author may wish to change the business ideas, the change in the past messy display, the store will be re induction and display of goods in the region, highlighting their business characteristics. In particular, the display of cigarettes, to be beautiful and generous, patchwork, able to attract the attention of customers.

in the promotion of the sale of cigarettes, can not be limited to what customers want to smoke in the shop