Beijing public toilets face recognition function with obvious effect

Beijing’s major public toilets on the face recognition function, you can save more resources for the earth. It uses technology to control the amount of toilet paper. Reporters on the scene saw, from the face recognition to automatic paper, the machine may be used more than ten seconds, it is learned that in the trial of the machine for three days, the average daily toilet paper usage reduced to the original

of five

the reporter saw in the Tiantan South Gate Park toilets this morning, after hanging on the wall of the toilet paper machine manual has been two electric "face recognition machine to replace the toilet paper", the two machines are located in the entrance of bathrooms, "we in the trial stage south gate, east gate and West gate three public toilets were installed 6 this machine, according to the average height of men and women were adjusted for height." Tiantan park official told reporters, for the convenience of tourists, we have a staff of public toilets and cleaning staff were trained to help visitors first time familiar with the use of this machine."

Reporters at the scene found

experience, as long as the stand in specific recognition area corresponding to the toilet paper machine, face to face recognition the whole screen, there will be more than ten seconds from the mouth of the paper toilet paper slip out, "because the machine is still debugging stage, now set out the paper length for each 60 to 70 centimeters, from the original manual toilet paper machine single paper into a double paper now." The staff said, "we set the same person every 9 minutes a desirable paper, if you have diarrhea or other people in urgent need of the paper, the field staff of our will to the public directly provide toilet paper."

has our own equipment, can bring more help to people, to win people’s recognition. The park is to promote the visitors see Tiantan Park reflect the relevant responsible person said in an interview with reporters, Tiantan park for the first time since 2007 the introduction of free toilet paper has experienced ten years of service, free toilet paper as a test of the degree of civilization, records and inspection of the city development level.

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