2013 Xining urban development investment fair kicked off 26

reporter on July 19th at the Xining municipal government held a news conference was informed that the 2013 Xining Urban Development Investment Fair will be held from July 26th to July 31st in the south of Xining International Convention and Exhibition center.

this is the city of Xining in the last year the first Xining city development and Investment Fair held successfully and a high specification, large scale, for investors, facing the promotion of city planning and construction projects, the industry to extend the industrial chain and supporting industrial projects, service industry development projects and City Reserve land auction City development investment event. The "city investment" to "win-win cooperation, better life" as the theme, to show Xining, Xining, Xining propaganda promotion, enhance the taste of the city, optimize the investment environment, accelerate the economic development of Xining for the purpose of the city construction, industrial development, cultural tourism projects for the combination of points, adhere to the "planning, project as a special promotion, investment oriented" principle, to recommend to discuss the project as the carrier, make full use of the fair publicity platform and the display window, a comprehensive display of Xining economic development, city construction achievements and cultural history, tourism development, investment environment, improve the visibility of the city, and enhance the economic attractiveness and cultural cohesion, promote Xining investment, accelerate the healthy and rapid development of comprehensive economic and social coordination.


city investment", will carry out investment projects, project promotion, special signing of state-owned land reserves, 2013 will promote the Xining real estate industry expo, 2013 China and Home Furnishing Qinghai (International) Car Culture Expo, 2013 summer place name snack delicacy Festival, local characteristics and cultural tourism product exhibition and other activities. This year, the city voted to promote a total of 139 projects, with a total investment of 171 billion 303 million yuan. Invited participants more than 1 thousand and 400 people, participants in the business of more than 1 thousand, of which a well-known enterprises of up to more than and 300, the exhibition of nearly 100 real estate, providing more than 10000 sets of listings. Auto Culture Expo has 55 brands exhibitors, including imported brands 13, joint venture brands of the 20, the independent brand of the 22, some high-end brand is the first time to participate in Xining. (author: Xiao Liu)