Our province navigation mileage of more than 600 km 56 berths

A lot of people think that Qinghai is dry land, the channel has little to do with us. Reporters learned from the Qinghai provincial transportation department, as of now, the province navigable waterway mileage reached 617.69 km.

data show that as of the end of November, the province of new waterway traffic mileage of 208.3 kilometers, is "11th Five-Year" at the end of 50.88% increase; berth number reached 56, which increased the number of berths 21, is "11th Five-Year" at the end of 60% increase; fill the blank of the Yellow River library section, Sigou gorge Jishi Gorge reservoir, Tracy there is no terminal facilities vaku District, Qinghai Lake scenic spot, Guide section of the Yellow River, Lijiaxia reservoir, Gongboxia reservoir, Longyangxia reservoir, Kanbula forest Geopark, Luke Lake Scenic waterway infrastructure has been further improved, significantly enhance the service ability.

"12th Five-Year" is the Qinghai waterway construction project implementation, the most by the Ministry of transport and the provincial government financial support, the largest waterway infrastructure services to enhance the ability of the most significant five years. Five years, the construction of the shipping project seven, the implementation of the Ministry of transport and the Provincial Department of transportation subsidy funds raised 154 million 280 thousand yuan, respectively, 7 times and 6 times during 11th Five-Year; 4, the construction of waterway maintenance ship two waterway maintenance engineering implementation, the implementation of the waterway maintenance funds of 17 million 950 thousand yuan, the implementation of water transport infrastructure the maintenance work of the zero breakthrough.