Heart of the masses to check the reported hail disaster

2012 23:00 September 10th to September 11th at 1:30 a.m., parts of Datong County dump hail, Xiangyang Village, Qiaotou town of Honghe County village, big coal cave village, small coal cave village, village, Shangguan village, South Gate Village seven village. 185 hectares of rapeseed suffered hail disaster, disaster area of 3 to 5 hectares of up to 146.6 hectares, resulting in a loss of $361 thousand, the direct economic loss of 12570 yuan.

Cai Guilin, deputy mayor of the town government town government chief Guo Shouying. In September 11th 9 the first time rushed to the village fields with view of the disaster affected crop area measurement. Subsequently, once again with the County Civil Affairs Bureau, Huo Xuegui, head of the disaster relief department to verify the disaster situation.

town government personnel in a timely manner to view the hail disaster, reported to the County Civil Affairs Bureau, is responsible for the production of people’s life level, provide the real basis for the County Civil Affairs Bureau, the town Party committee decision-making in disaster relief program, really want people to think, anxious people are anxious, the real as soon as possible for the people to solve problems.