A new way to break through the dispute between doctors and patients in the community

Dongguan East District Community in the doctor-patient disputes mediation in a sense combination, safeguard social fairness and justice principles, actively and properly handle medical disputes, bold innovation and open up a new path, to ensure social stability in the area. Since the establishment of the community since October 2010, consisting of hospitals, legal aid centers, community neighborhood justice, medical dispute mediation committee, give full play to people’s mediation education persuasion, patient persuasion, not to hurt and work advantages, realize the matter knot things, let both sides feel the rights and interests protection; to further promote the medical dispute mediation organizations and organization network; build analysis professional support platform of medical dispute liability; establish a working mechanism of fast response and high performance. Explore the establishment of the medical liability insurance system, and actively build a "tune" and "compensation" combined with medical liability insurance as the basis of the doctor-patient dispute mediation mechanism. Over the years, a total of 15 cases of medical disputes, mediation success of the 15, the real case of the matter, so many major medical disputes, through the coordination of the Commission, has been resolved in a timely manner. To this end, Dongguan east district will promote community medical dispute mediation experiences and practices in the region, forming the eastern transverse to the edge, vertical in the end, the medical dispute mediation service grid system, constantly improve the effectiveness of doctor-patient dispute resolution, to maintain social stability in the region.