Housing transactions tax increases for our city 200 million

recently, reporters from the city’s local taxation work meeting was informed that the city has 106358 sets of commercial housing in the integrated management system of real estate, to achieve the "traditional family" extensive management "to" information management room "fine management, housing transactions have to tax income of 200 million yuan.

it is understood that the past two years, the Local Taxation Bureau and constantly improve the integrated management system of real estate, the housing stock module part of the data in commercial housing has been completed and approved the import collection system, evaluation model is established and is running on the line. While the real estate management module in the full implementation of the 177 projects, 162 real estate companies, 977 real estate, 106358 houses have been incorporated into the network management system, issued 41981 copies of invoices, the transformation of "traditional family" extensive management to the information management of the housing "fine management. The classification and combing the integration construction and installation management business process, the successful development of the management module, the initial realization of the construction project, the project contract amount account, pay taxes, outbound business activities clear goal. 2013, the city tax bureau received 20229 sets of housing transactions throughout the year, an increase of more than 8552 units, the imposition of tax of $430 million, an increase of $200 million.