n Xining, Wang Xiao met with visiting foreign minister of Mongolia

April 2nd, Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Wang Xiao met with visiting Mongolia foreign long line in Xining PriB Su lun.
Wang Xiao on behalf of the provincial government expressed warm welcome, my province, comparative advantages and development prospects are briefly introduced, and invited the Mongolian delegation to participate in the exhibition promotion activities in our province. Wang Xiao said that at present, the Sino Mongolian relations have achieved great progress in political, economic and cultural level, especially President Xi Jinping made a major strategic thought Silk Road Economic Belt, Mongolia and Russia economic corridor of Asian investment bank, etc, showing better prospects for development. Qinghai is located in the Silk Road Economic Zone with the Gulf of India ocean direction of the two strategic areas of the domestic intersection, and Mongolia has a broad space for cooperation. Wang Xiao on both sides to jointly promote the local government cooperation, to jointly promote the carpet industry cooperation, to jointly promote cooperation in agriculture and animal husbandry, to jointly promote resource development cooperation, to jointly promote cultural exchanges and cooperation have put forward some general considerations and operational recommendations.
PriB Suellen spoke highly of our province’s economic and social development achievements, the vice governor Wang Xiao proposed one by one to give a positive response, warmly invited me to visit Mongolia Province group, to jointly promote the friendly cooperation in the provinces and trade, resource development, cultural tourism and other fields. The two sides reached consensus on a number of