Xining city gas station held a major accident emergency rescue drills

Qinghai News Network (the network reporter Cui Yongtao photo coverage) the afternoon of September 18th, PetroChina Xining gas station Gas Co held a major accident emergency rescue drills, inspection of Xining city to deal with the gas accident emergency rescue strategy and the level of safety for the city of Xining people celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day plus assured "weight". Emergency rescue drill set in a hypothetical September 16th 15, Xining city natural gas station, gas distribution industry in the routine inspection, the scene of a pressure regulator station front gas leakage occurred, the fire caused by lightning at…… At a crucial moment of the moment, quickly start emergency rescue. Alarm, report, commander ordered launched the emergency plan, the rescue, rescue, fire protection, surveillance and other professional team of fashion, to carry out the rescue work everything in good order and well arranged. After the disposal of the accident, the accident investigation team dispatched in time, the first time to get the conclusions of the investigation, and immediately report to the relevant government departments. Everything in the actual state, the whole process of "a false thing becomes true do leak.". Shang Longqing, vice president of CNPC, Xining Petroleum Gas Co., Ltd., general manager of the drill made a summary of the second people’s Hospital of Xining and other relevant departments and units to assist and participate in the exercise. The people’s Government of Xining City Vice Mayor Xu Guocheng and other related leaders attended the exercise, and the importance of enterprise safety production of Xining oil and gas production safety, for the protection of people’s livelihood practices fully affirmed and encouraged the company to exercise as an opportunity to safe and stable supply of natural gas in Xining city.