Thousands of Party members into the community


activities are very good, before and neighborhood residents not familiar with each other, the working party report into the community, to do some of those services for the area of the masses, I think this is what we should do for the party." Recently, the west district cadres Huang Yuanmin participate in community organizations said. It is understood that, as of now, the West District of Xining City, nearly one thousand party members respond to the call of the party, and actively report to the community, and the use of their own expertise to carry out a wide range of voluntary service activities.

to carry out the working party report into the community, the purpose is to let Party members in the residence showed identity, accept supervision, contact with the masses, serve the people, dedication and create the harmonious society, but also provide more service resources and strength for the grass-roots party organizations. Since the party members into the community activities since the West District in accordance with the actual situation, requiring the region’s incumbent members of the community to report to the residence community, at least 1 times a month to carry out voluntary service activities. West District Organization Department official pointed out that "through this work can give full play to the exemplary role in serving the masses of the working party, the working party members into force people to do the work of serving the people."