The Fifth nternational Symposium on medical and educational informatization held in Xining

July 19th to 21, held jointly by Xiamen University and the Qinghai University, sponsored by the organization and the future of Japan University, Japan Waseda University, University of Birmingham, University of Queensland and other ten universities in South Australia’s Fifth Annual International Symposium on medical and education informatization in Xining. From China, the United States, Canada, Britain, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia and other countries, nearly 30 international experts and more than 120 domestic experts.

International Symposium on medicine and education informatization is a continuous on the medical and educational information in the field of international conference, delegates has the characteristics of high level, wide, representative academic achievements etc.. The international conference mainly focuses on the two themes of medical information and educational informatization, and demonstrates the latest theoretical research and application achievements of medical and educational informatization. It is of great significance for us to demonstrate and further promote the research work in the field of medical and educational informatization in China, especially in Qinghai province.