The province’s disaster prevention and relief work video conference

9 1 July, vice governor of the province’s disaster relief work at the Marina Bay video meeting, study and implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council and provincial government leaders made important instructions on disaster relief work and the spirit of the instructions, arrangements for the next phase of work.


meeting that the province’s flood season this year early, in some areas affected by extreme weather, causing hail, flash floods, landslides and other disasters have occurred, caused a great impact on people’s production and life, people’s life and property suffered some loss, do a good job in the current and future periods of the disaster relief work situation is still very grim. The task is very heavy.

meeting the requirements, all localities and departments should resolutely overcome the paralysis of mentality and luck, must ensure that the people’s lives and property safety in the first place, this string taut disaster relief. To strengthen the organization and leadership of the disaster relief work, disaster relief work and strict discipline; to do emergency duty work, strictly implement the leadership class, 24 hours a day and an important report system; and the investigation and management of all kinds of security risks, the key link of re examination, re rectification and re implementation of disaster prevention and disaster relief; to do propaganda work let the public understand the disaster relief and the affected people’s production and living conditions; to do verification disaster assessment, disaster standard procedures, careful verification, seeking truth from facts, and resolutely put an end to lie, cheat, omission and delaying problem; to do construction work to ensure the province’s disaster recovery, disaster recovery and construction work efficient and orderly conduct.