Wang Xiao met with the United States advanced medical technology association of global strategy and

Xining once again open the door to the world. In November 18th, the provincial Party committee, Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiao met with the United States advanced medical technology association and analysis of global strategic affairs executive vice president of IFS line, the two sides exchanged views on strengthening exchanges and cooperation in medical and health field.

Wang Xiao on behalf of the municipal government to extend a warm welcome to all the guests. Wang Xiao said that at present, healthy China has risen to national strategy, health care industry will become a new growth point. Xining in the development of health, health has a system advantage, market advantage, resource advantage, environment advantage and location advantage, hopes both sides will further strengthen cooperation: one is in the aspects of deepening the reform of health system, hoping the association and its member companies such as market forces, and actively participate in and promote the reform of Xining, forced to. Xining’s health system reform to benefit more people; the two is in promoting technology innovation of medical and health, hoping Technology Association and its member companies, with advanced medical equipment and clinical application of cooperation as the key to promote the advanced medical equipment, medicines and medical equipment, biological diagnosis in the clinical application, enhance Xining’s level of medical technology health and health service ability; three is to promote the medical and health products research and development, Xining is located in Qinghai Tibet plateau, The diagnosis and treatment of some diseases of the plateau remains to be studied, at the same time, the characteristics of biological resources, medicine, medicine and health care products deep processing should be improved, to carry out research and development work together with members of the association of enterprises, when conditions are ripe to establish the association of member enterprises R & D base; four is in the shared global health wisdom, carry out to Xining the training of professional and technical personnel, at the same time, Chinese traditional medicine resources sharing research achievements in theory and practice.