Remediation black car initial results

according to the Provincial Transportation Bureau and the Municipal Bureau of transportation arrangements, city yunguanchu inspection unit on November 8th, in conjunction with the public security departments, mutual aid and transportation management, transportation management, Huangzhong passenger transport companies and other relevant units to form a joint law enforcement group in Xining City, illegal operation of vehicles to carry out special rectification.

a, extensive and extensive publicity and education work. By hanging banners, the operators preach, to guide the majority of passengers, such as publicity, education methods, laying the foundation for the remediation work in advance.

two, a variety of ways simultaneously, to carry out remediation work. Since the rectification work carried out, the joint law enforcement group using fixed-point inspection, inspections and other methods, the car along the road, station, mutual two offices, unity bridge, rhyme ieguchi, Sea Lake Road, Xinning road passenger station, along the road area, Qaidam road to engage in illegal business "black car" carried out remediation clean-up line bus, the illegal taxis were the norm. As of November 26th, east of the city law enforcement group attendance of 243 people, seized various types of illegal operation of vehicles 19 units; the west law enforcement groups (including the Huangzhong County Transportation Management) attendance of 192 people, seized the illegal operation of vehicles 11, to a certain extent, to curb the "black car" phenomenon of illegal business, has achieved initial success.

three, problems.

1, with the continuous development of social economy and the improvement of people’s living standard, the number of people who purchase private cars in Xining is increasing. Part of the private car driven by interests, gradually involved in illegal operations, disrupting the order of the passenger market.

2, check in "black" operators to avoid combat, regardless of the consequences of the impact of law enforcement checkpoints, the repeated occurrence in the near future in the inspection; or on the train in soliciting passengers, and passengers reached offensive and defensive alliance. Transportation inspectors even stop the illegal operation of vehicles, passengers and drivers of the same, refused to acknowledge the fact illegal investigation work of great resistance. Through the relevant departments, local governments, media and other publicity, to guide people to choose to have a legitimate procedures, operating signs complete vehicles.

3, in the past against the "black car" in the process of illegal business owners often flee wenfeng. But in the fight against the illegal operation of the work, the black car owners without any fear, or in the inspectors around, or surround the inspection personnel side interference inspection, for the illegal operation of vehicles parked on the roadside. Because I have no right to enforce violations of the law of the vehicle parked on the roadside parked vehicles can not clean up.