The concept of innovation embodied in the whole process of economic and social development

has just concluded the twelve plenary session of the provincial Party committee of the province’s scientific and technological innovation in the strategic deployment of the work, rapid response in the majority of cadres and masses in the province of caused a warm response. Said the cadres and masses, should conscientiously study and understand, earnestly implement, firmly establish the innovation is the first power to lead the development of the concept, further thinking and action to the Central Party Committee on innovation driven development objectives and tasks of the strategic arrangements, constantly enhance technological innovation to promote the ideological consciousness and conscious action, innovation the idea reflected in the whole process of economic and social development.

, director of the provincial science and Technology Department source said, this plenary meeting to study the deployment of the work of scientific and technological innovation in our province, the implementation of innovation driven development strategy the direction and path for our province, also sounded the horn and speeding up the construction of innovative Qinghai, marking the new journey of our province and the province has been fully opened, as a department of science and technology, we even with a high sense of political responsibility and sense of urgency, strengthen coordination, strengthen the work of initiatives to improve the "13th Five-Year" science and technology development planning, planning a number of research involving new energy, new materials, equipment manufacturing, agricultural and animal husbandry, resource exploration, ecological protection and construction, the plateau health and other areas of science and technology special, promote the implementation of innovation driven development strategy.

Province Economic and information technology committee member, deputy director of the provincial Party committee, deputy secretary of state Chen Zhizhong said, this session to promote scientific and technological innovation, we provide basic follow, clear the current and future periods of the direction, goal and main task. As the main force of the main battlefield of the province’s economic development, scientific and technological innovation, by the letter of the province’s state-owned system and to the spirit of the plenary session as a guide, learn, understand, and implement the plenary deployment, with a more highly unified understanding, more effective measures, a more solid work style, to promote the industry the economy and state-owned enterprises to a higher level, a higher level, higher quality.

"scientific and technological innovation in our province is related to the current development and long-term plan, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the" national innovation driven development strategy outline "to the provincial Party committee held the twelve plenary session of the twelve, which indicates that the innovation is to grasp the development and innovation, is to seek the future, so that innovation has become the will of the state and the common action of the whole society, it we need to have new knowledge, new ideas, new strategies, new ways of technology innovation." Li Yong, President of the Qinghai Institute of economic research.

plenary session put forward the service of ecological civilization pilot area construction as priority areas to strengthen science and technology supply, Maduo County Party Secretary Ren Zhengde is particularly excited, he said, Maduo is an important part of Sanjiang national park system pilot, we must further strengthen the overall deployment in accordance with the plenary session, black beach governance, desertification control, pest control, vegetation construction and natural forest protection, wetland protection, water resource protection and water saving technology research and application, source of the mother river protection, to ensure a clean water to the east.

Dorje Dean of Medicine Research Institute of Qinghai province

said happily, the twelve plenary session of the twelve session of the provincial Party committee put forward to serve the construction of national unity and progress of advanced areas as science and technology for strengthening;