Qinghai 10 billion investment in livelihood areas involved in full nternet plus

Since last year, our province has made some useful attempts in the field of "Internet plus", networking, software development, photovoltaic industry has achieved remarkable results. This year our province will be in medicine, social security, transportation, food safety and other livelihood areas comprehensively relates to "Internet plus", completed an investment of 10 billion yuan of "broadband Qinghai · digital Qinghai mission.

networking applications, 2014 around the industry and agriculture, transportation, health care, environmental protection, power, tourism, urban management, logistics, Home Furnishing 10 key areas, 35 compounds in the province to implement the networking application demonstration project, part of demonstration project has a role. Software development, focusing on the development of industrial software, embedded software, minority language software. Cloud computing data applications, cloud computing data center in Xining, to meet the requirements of the province’s 100 bureau level units of equipment hosting and cloud service requirements. At the same time, vigorously develop e-commerce platform. In addition, in the field of photovoltaic, intelligent photovoltaic power station equipped with GPS, infrared imaging and wireless transmission equipment UAV, thermal imaging of the photovoltaic module of the power station scanning, so as to accurately locate the faulty components.

this year the people’s livelihood into focus

[Internet plus government] for government departments to improve the function efficiency, to achieve inter departmental information sharing and promote open government information, government information cloud platform has established internal integration and external coordination function.

[Internet plus industry] in terms of industrial development, industrial cloud platform construction for the traditional industry and high technology, new energy, new materials industry, information technology to enhance the level of industrial enterprises.

[Internet plus people] to strengthen the integration of information resources in education, health care, social security, transportation, food safety and other areas of people’s livelihood, promote public service cloud platform and large data demonstration building.

[] Internet plus ecological based on the application of geographic information data and the construction of public service platform, in the ecological monitoring, earthquake;