Xining rectification problems for the masses to see

Xining City, adhere to the problem oriented, the implementation of the rectification through educational practice always, in the basis of the preliminary check changes on the attention focus on the rectification of the Municipal Standing Committee Special democratic life meeting put forward 10 problems to enact change, handled in accordance with the division of responsibilities itemized claim, a clear mandate to the Municipal Committee and the the responsible units, seriously develop reform proposals, draw a timetable, route map, to see action, effective rectification.

to the mountain of the sea "and" false research "and" Gongjusiyong "say no. The municipal Party Committee on the introduction of the "provision" of government agencies to streamline the document presentation and "Citywide meeting and special management system", to do the office will set the rule; each year the Municipal Committee investigation time not less than two months, and never accompanied the Jane LRT; for the management of the bus, broaden the channels of supervision, construction a comprehensive monitoring network, make a thorough investigation of normalization.

on the "news report" "watering dust" and "begging". The cadres and the masses of the news propaganda "shot bias", the municipal Party committee Duocuobingju, norms leading daily work reports, improve conference report, strengthen the supervision of public opinion, regulate news gathering; for the masses of dust problems of sprinkler, Municipal Urban Management Bureau will set the amount of time on the 44 Road mechanized cleaning, refinement the management of the 57 road night cleaning work; for the masses of the controversial City vagrants and beggars, the relevant departments will be carefully screened for relief object, to crack down on evil to do relief work, returning home.

is the "window" unit "cadre" and "two appoint team" regulations. Focus on the masses of poor service attitude, window units door hard, ugly face, something difficult problem, and actively implement the window unit service standardization work, strictly implement the relevant rules and style thorough investigation supervision; for selecting and appointing cadres strictly implement the "Regulations" the appointment of cadres, cadres incentive innovation, strengthen the supervision of cadres management; around the village "two committees" general election, the municipal Party committee to carry out a comprehensive "general risk assessment", make the work of the election plan, to rectify all kinds of problems, determine the classification of general election candidates prepare measures to do preparatory work.

focus on the issue of letters and visits from the masses to supervise. In educational practice, the provincial steering group through comments, field supervision, and timely feedback to the municipal Party Committee 5 strong petition outstanding issues. Municipal Committee Team thematic democratic life will immediately focus on the petition cases of responsibility decomposition, one by one to implement.
in the second batch of the mass line of educational practice, the municipal government adhere to the masses satisfaction as a test of the effectiveness of the activities of the standard, ranging from not, Li Li line change, to change the style of the effectiveness of the problem rectification, won the masses recognition, condenses the strength of the masses.

mountain of the sea "and" false research "and" Gongjusiyong "and" lens biased news propaganda"…… June 15th to 16, the Municipal Committee of democratic students;