Xining 5 days to increase the pressure on the new road traffic increased by 1082

January 9th, learned from the Xining city traffic police detachment, from January 4th to 8, the city of Che Kwun settled in the 5 working days of the new motor vehicle 1082, which settled in the new car in January 5th for a record high of 258. The rapid increase in the number of motor vehicles, and further increase the city’s road traffic pressure.

In addition,

reporters from the city vehicle administration has learned that in 2009, the city added new driver vehicle reached 37194, more than 2.1 people, as of now, the number of motor vehicles has more than 170 thousand vehicles, the number of more than 270 thousand people. The city traffic police detachment Li Mingjun told reporters that the city’s rapid growth in the number of motor vehicles, the traffic in our city is the biggest problem facing the parking is difficult, therefore, how to make full use of existing resources and the construction of parking lot parking lot new, efforts to increase the parking berth, the city became an important task for traffic planning and management.