Secretary walked into the community claimed micro wish

May 21st early in the morning, the provincial Party Secretary, party secretary Wang Jianjun came to the small bridge community, to participate in the work of Party members to report to the community service activities for the masses, and research community work carried out. Municipal Committee, Secretary General Zhang Yonghai to go. Wang Jianjun stressed that the community should remove the bureaucratization of strengthening the autonomy organization construction, and constantly improve the ability and level of service of the masses, to provide more high-quality, more efficient and more convenient service, the real win people’s reputation.

Wang Jianjun into the community service center, issued a "working party report to the community" letter of introduction, the enthusiasm of the staff to handle the registration formalities for Wang Jianjun.

"need a pair of crutches", "want to subscribe Xining Evening News" and "electric massage stick"…… In the community micro aspiration wall covered area of the difficulties of the masses of the micro aspiration, Wang Jianjun long stop, and to ask the person in charge of the community which is most in need of help groups, finally, Wang Jianjun claimed the four Empty Nester, low-income, elderly people living alone and with micro aspiration". He said: the sincere words and earnest wishes of community cadres "community is our common home, Party members and cadres to work in offices, living in the community, dedication in the post, is to often go to the community and the masses, as policy advocates, technology promotion, conflict mediators, opinion polls and the masses of orderlies, listen to the opinions of the masses calls to help the masses to solve practical problems."