Call car operating full moon business volume soared

To ease the city’s taxi difficult, taxi market to fill the gaps, improve the image of the city, the city from the end of May put 150 on call taxi (hereinafter referred to as the "electric car"). Now more than 1 months later, the call car operation how? Whether the public recognition? With this question, the reporter personally experienced a call car business.

20 to 100, the volume soared

call car business refers to the public by telephone to make an appointment to facilitate the taxi trip. The reporter first came to call the car traffic center is responsible for answering the phone, running in place, by setting the call center big screen can keep control to call the vehicle operation, the call center currently consists of 4 operators responsible for answering the telephone, the implementation of shift system. A telephone operator told reporters, with the electric car called the operation in our city, call the car business is gradually being accepted by the public, at the beginning, every day they only received more than and 20 calls, and many are able to telephone consultation, booking a successful few vehicles; now every day received more than and 100 calls. The successful appointment vehicles also increased. Reporters in the traffic center 20 minutes, there are 5 people call to make an appointment to call the car.

is very humane, good response to the public

according to the Xining City Traffic Construction Investment Co., the person in charge, the company attaches great importance to the service call car, call the car driver who need to pass through the civilized courtesy and safety training to posts. At present, 120 Teana car has been put in place, the car than the previous taxi interior is more high-grade, more comfortable seats, the space inside the car is more spacious; and special vehicles for the disabled British car specifically for the elderly and disabled persons with mobility can be customized, back at the same time by the 4 to 5 people, and after the row space take privacy settings, such as don’t press the button in front of the driver can not hear the conversation; in addition, the car is also equipped with barrier free kick board design, whether it is on the sidewalk, or the flat surface, can be directly into the wheelchair in the taxi. Due to the variety of user-friendly design, call the car into operation, the public responded well.

advance booking, call the car is very convenient

to experience the electric car called the car is convenient, the reporter to the identity of passengers in the South Gate Street, a car reservation dial 96360 to call the car park, the operator in detail about the position of the car, where the reporter’s time, go to the place, don’t hang up the phone, the reporter quickly told an electric car driver called near made contact, after about 10 minutes, the vehicle arrived at the designated location on time, the driver will contact reporters waiting at the roadside, until the reporter to go out after the vehicle was carrying the reporter of the day of the hot weather, the car driver very humane opened the car air conditioning is very convenient.

[tips] call car tips – such as the public to use the car, should be scheduled to call the car ahead of schedule, so that both can avoid the use of vehicles, but also to avoid the city road;