Control prices in Qinghai West District to stabilize prices

– the payment of all subsidies, reduction of health fees, booth fees of more than 60 yuan to set up 133 – 11 point of sale cheap vegetable meat – 27 main vegetables direct point implementation of wholesale and retail price controls – YanZha driving up prices and profiteering and other illegal behavior

Chinese cabbage 1.1 yuan per catty, tomatoes per kilogram of 4.5 yuan…… At noon on October 29th, in the provincial meteorological Lane farmers market a vegetable stall, many city residents to choose to limit the government’s food oh. Public Xu sister took the small rape just weighing said happily: "you see this tender and green leaves, like fresh vegetables somewhere to 2 2 pound, 6 cents here as long as 1."

it is understood that this year, in order to reduce the impact of rising prices on the lives of the people in Xining City West District government subsidies through the booth fee, free health management fees, set up cheap vegetable sales stalls, direct sales of meat measures, actively stabilize market prices, effectively curb market prices rising too quickly, maintaining the area social harmony and stability. West District has the large flow of people in the densely populated, Zhuji Lane market, weather Lane farmers market, farmers market, small market Jia Pengcheng, Xing Hai Lu farmers market 5 market the main vegetables the sales price by the Xining city commercial company direct supply of cheap vegetables, the government bear the freight; set up 133 sales of cheap vegetables 11 meat stalls selling point.

implementation of the market price of vegetables, meat business households subsidies. At the end of October, the west area has started to Xing Hai Lu farmers market, farmers market and other meteorological Lane area 5 major farmers market 133 cheap vegetable sales stalls, subsidies of nearly 80 thousand yuan; 61 households from meat booth fee 19 yuan; for the area of Saline Lake lane, Lane Huangli shore, Gao Cao Xiang Xishan, a department of road 5, Lane 1772 morning vegetables, fruits, nuts and other business households to cut in half the health management fee 30.6 yuan; full exemption morning 72 meat business health management fees 2.5 yuan.

at the same time, strengthen the supervision of the West District farmers market prices, the wholesale and retail price difference rate control of the market, market of 27 kinds of main vegetable varieties for vegetable wholesale market wholesale price of regular groups of inspectors and inspection; the establishment of the market group, the implementation of the policy and the price of the patrol duty supervisor together farmers market prices, the highest retail price etc. the investment of more than 7 yuan; the price of publicity card, large LED display market is set in the striking position, prices, business, industry and commerce departments on the basis of the publicity of vegetables price supervision business sales price. In addition, the west area has organized relevant departments, increasing the penalties, to find the regulatory process for the first time in violation of the provisions of the price control limit operating households warning fine processing, again violators for rectification, to clear the market repeatedly violated the treatment. Will continue to strengthen the market price supervision and monitoring, to prevent illegal collusion, hoarding and profiteering, joint price, information spread prices, driving up prices and profiteering and disrupt the market order. (author: Wu Yachun)