Antique, modern, garden Xining West District 16 small streets more beautiful

antique, modern, Chinese style, garden – Xining City West District 16 lanes take a new look, become a beautiful landscape.

this year, Xining City West District adhere to the principle of "promoting urban quality" to the concept of refinement, around the city construction "fine, fine, fine, pay attention to the details, pay attention to the effect, the investment of 10 million yuan, Xishan area of Xue Fu Xiang Jia Xiaoxiang, Lane, lane, lane, garden trees 16 street the implementation of environmental remediation projects in the alley wall landscape construction as the main content.

landscape wall design combined with the actual situation of each street, take the antique, modern, Chinese, garden and other styles, highlighting the culture, livable, elegant elements. After nearly two months of construction, the old dilapidated streets of the past, the glory of the past, full of artistic figure to re appearance of the 16. Among them, the ancient Huizhou style school lane, modern minimalist style, Chinese style two tiger Taiwan Xiang Jia alley, garden style school lane as the representative of the full features of the landscape wall, not only loved by the masses, to add a "culture area" for west area, "the beautiful" atmosphere. (author: Yuan Yuhong Wang Ning)