Debt venture you can not see the 21 year old Nanjing girl debt entrepreneurial experience

Do you dare to venture

debt, many people don’t have the courage, let alone the debt business, even wealthy entrepreneurs have a lot of people are not afraid to take risks. Here is a 21 year old Nanjing girl with their own entrepreneurial experience to tell us what is courage and perseverance.

at Tongji Street No. 7 street facade room, two room floor window of a small, above the door is the book box Nanjing wonders Garment Co. Ltd., in many dressing room, Cheng Xi has a clothing company is not too conspicuous, enter the store, see the room no decoration, all kinds of fabrics, clothing hung a small room shop is very crowded. In the two floor of the office of Cheng Xi, the same is a few simple office together, the room was filled with a variety of fabrics on the ground, head full of all kinds of clothing.


to identify the location of big enterprise

2002 years, the overall development of garment factory smoothly, enterprises entered the track of healthy development, personnel, capital, market expanding, business equipment from the initial two Taiwan high speed single sewing machine is started, at present the enterprise implements orders, production and sales through-train, machinery and equipment are imported from Japan lining pressing machine. The enterprise has 7 stores, wholesale shop in the city, specialized marketing own Xiaoxi, wonders of costume, these clothes are popular clothing production, sell well. At the beginning of this year, Cheng Xi will the original business was renamed as the wonders of Garment Company Limited, registered its own.