Fight at the grassroots level line in the field – Xining precise poverty first Secretary


13th Five-Year" period, the rural poor out of poverty has been called "the most arduous task". As the provincial capital city, Xining put forward one year ahead of the completion of poverty alleviation. "13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, Xining City, poverty alleviation and development has entered kenyinggutou crucial pulling village sprint.

from the provincial, municipal and county deployed 1020 cadres to villages and households in the village poverty alleviation work, consciously practice the mass line, on the "precision" two words, spell in the rank, the fight in the fields, spell out the satisfaction of the masses, greatly changed the village "disorder, poor, poor appearance, won the masses praise.

quasi poor pulse, poverty alleviation plan set out

precise identification is the basis for precise poverty alleviation, accurate object, precise measures and policies to ensure true poverty, help the poor". To this end, each working team, every "first secretary" to work in their own unique way to achieve a phased effect.


Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County to the village of "Tibetan village first Secretary of the" Zhou Danwen "into hundreds of homes, hundreds of love, do 100 family", summed up the "mobilization, to thoroughly understand the policy, control standard, delineation of the scope, zoucunchuanhu, door survey, meeting, preliminary confirmation again, a visit to listen to public opinion, trap, publicity, research conferences, finalized, register, report" of the "eight steps", the timely completion of the poor households filing cards and precise identification of stage work.


Tan Cun, Huangyuan County peace cloth Xiang Qu first secretary Li Haiqing led the village" two committees "according to the whole village poverty alleviation and relocation project requirements, adhere to the" village cooperatives linkage, lead, project driven, user facilities strategy "principle, and ultimately determine the pattern of" poverty industry support, education and training, guaranteeing the pocket bottom, the transfer of employment "one of the assets.

playing the "wall", the basic work of strong

"change style, honest, and do practical things for the people, to win the trust and support". This is an effective way to help the poor to solve the problem.

Twenty Li Pu Zhen Sun Jia Zhai Cun

Chengbei district is a village of Hou Jincun, ditch disrepair, the village is not the whole canal, garbage everywhere, a serious impact on people’s life. First secretary Li Youxin in the village of farmland water conservancy reform and accelerating the construction of new countryside as the starting point, strive for 180 thousand yuan of funds, maintenance of 1800 meters the main irrigation channels to build two new environmental protection water closet, configuration and environmental protection dustbin garbage truck, completely changed the village when the irrigation canal water overflowing phenomenon.

"the relationship is not pro, it depends on the true heart is not true. Who the masses as relatives, who will win the hearts of the people." For the masses, shouting ten slogans, it is better to do one thing. Poverty alleviation work team to seriously understand the needs of the masses of hope, for projects, capital, technology, to help solve the problem. Huangyuan County Dong Xia Xiang Lan village poverty alleviation work team in total";