Xining yellow car ahead of the introduction of the highest subsidy subsidy 18000 yuan

The reporter learned from Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, to further improve the atmospheric environment, reduce vehicle exhaust pollution, this year Xining plans to encourage the elimination of yellow cars and older vehicles 8000, as of now obsolete 3500 vehicles. At present, Xining in 2015 ahead of the elimination of the yellow car subsidy policy released, all types of car subsidies ranging from 5000 yuan to 18000 yuan.

– Freight subsidy standards: heavy subsidy per 18000 yuan subsidy per 13000 yuan; medium; light subsidy per 9000 yuan subsidy per 6000 yuan; miniature;

– bus subsidy standards: a large subsidy per 18000 yuan subsidy per 11000 yuan; medium; small (excluding cars) subsidy per 8000 yuan; miniature (excluding cars) subsidy per 6000 yuan;

– car subsidy standards: displacement of 1.35 liters and above subsidy per 16000 yuan; 1 liters (excluding) to 1.35 liters (excluding) subsidy per 10000 yuan; 1 liters per 6000 yuan subsidy.

– in addition, yellow car has more than 5 years of age in advance eliminated or no use of life non operating small and micro passenger car yellow car out, on the basis of subsidies on each increase of 5000 yuan.

specific subsidy application process for the yellow car in advance: the owner will be scrapped, made "scrap auto recycling certificate" issued by the "motor vehicle and vehicle registration certificate", to the Xining yellow car out in advance of the subsidy payment window to receive fill in the "2015 Xining city yellow car early elimination of subsidies and for the application form" subsidy application procedures.