The snow leopard Prince in Xining Premiere

meet in June in Xining, meet in a cool and pleasant. The evening of June 16th, Western Xining performing arts center, a feeling of applause, funded by the national endowment for the arts project in 2015 — large vaudeville drama "Snow Leopard" Prince here shocking debut. The provincial Party committee, propaganda minister Zhang Ximing, Provincial Standing Committee of provincial Party committee, Secretary General Wang Yubo, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress Su Ning, vice governor Cheng Lihua, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Ji Renfeng and the community together to watch the vaudeville feast this have great originality.

"Snow Leopard Prince" by the Qinghai, Anhui Province Propaganda Department of the joint planning, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture song and dance troupe and Anhui acrobatic troupe rehearsal together. Plays in the snow covered plateau typical environment and ancient folk customs as the background of creation, the acrobatic art language, tells the story of a Tibetan mother adopted facial mysterious leopard child – jampa, disaster recovery, Qamba overcome many difficulties to save people but snow falling off a cliff, accidentally become snow leopard Nirvana prince, then to to help people get through the snowy Wonderland road story. The play is a combination of Tibetan dance and traditional acrobatic art in the form of presentation, is still the first in the country, in the stage performance and the content of the form and other aspects of innovation.

in accordance with the requirements of the National Art Fund Management Center, from June 17th to July 3rd, snow leopard prince will also continue to perform the following 14 performances in the Western performing arts center.