Fairy tale children’s clothing franchisee can get what proxy

fairy tale children’s clothing franchise business if you get the right to get the operating authority? If you are interested in this project, you can contact the headquarters, we hope to get you more wealth market, if you want to cooperate with us, then hurry up.


fairy tale is a children’s clothing wholesale clothing? Is the trend, fashion wealth source. How do children park children’s clothes? 6 yuan good goods show the trend of the wind, children’s clothing, shoes, bags, children’s socks, children six plate ornaments, children’s bags, dozens of sets of lines, tens of thousands of items to meet the parents comprehensive one-stop shopping needs. The fairy tale paradise’s price 6 yuan to sell, even 0.5 yuan price, the sale, as low as 90 percent off! How children’s fairy tale? By adults and children will not be missed, not into the empty handed, so the fire


fairy tale children’s clothing? What are the advantages of agents?

exclusive agency: how about the children’s rights? Once the agent’s rights are determined, the company will assist in the development of any dealer in its agent area. Have the right to supervise and manage in the agency area.

the development of the right to benefit: fairy tale children’s clothing? Agents have the right to develop agents and distributors in the agency area, the relevant fees charged.

advertising support: how children park children right? Company to provide a unified advertising investment for agents, to create a strong investment platform for agents, agents to ensure success.

product price right: fairy tale children’s clothing? Enjoy the company’s special discount discount, on behalf of the store and the two agents supply, access to a huge profit margin.

: the right to purchase sales incentives in the territory of all stores, stores, distributors and subordinate agents are included in the general agent of the total purchase, enjoy the purchase incentives.

share resources rights: how children park children’s clothes? Share the company’s operating philosophy, staff training, copywriting, advertising, business negotiation, human resources, brand management, financial management, business activities, logistics management. Risk warning, agents can copy the company’s successful model, the development of their own business network in the agency area.

inventory: how children park children right? Freight agents enjoy minimum stock rights, the company will promptly and accurately and quickly put the goods directly to the designated agency regional monopoly, without too much money and a large inventory of goods.

: How’s the right to self fairytales? Agent in the territory without paying any fees, you can set up multiple outlets, retail business recommended