A5 webmaster network first phase Taobao Tmall operations training enrollment

course overview

why do Taobao


1, low cost, low risk. Shop rent and decoration is getting higher and higher, but the business is getting worse, and open a C shop basic investment only 2000 yuan.

2, big platform, big future. Currently Taobao has 300 million online shopping crowd, more and more people choose to shop online, by the end of 2012, Ma and Wang Jianlin billion bet, electricity supplier in China after more than half of the retail market in 10 years. The shop is making a good channel.

3, when the boss, enjoy freedom. Open a shop, although busy, but all their own say. Time can be arranged freely, work can make money without tea chat, Houston, physical and mental freedom is the pursuit of life.

is a Taobao shop novice how to step towards success? Taobao shop is an online business in the industry, if you do not understand some of Taobao shop skills and know how to open the Taobao store, it is very difficult based on Taobao, Taobao A5 network owners distinguished experts to help you save time and operation the opportunity cost, grasp the Taobao shop shop operation skills and techniques, through the case analysis of a large number of lecturers to teach you how to do the Taobao / Tmall shop.

enrollment object: shop and there are products on the shelves of Taobao / Tmall sellers, shop for a long time but lower sales of sellers (monthly sales of 100 thousand or less).


Zhu Xudong: has founded a public welfare organizations, tutoring companies, design companies, cultural communication, marketing planning company, in 2006 -2008 is responsible for the operation of the people network XuZhou Railway Station. In 2008, the founder of Xuzhou enterprises win network marketing agency, has served Greatstar software, Jin mining group, perfect power electronics, animation, visual and other parts of the country towards sugar hundreds of well-known enterprises. Since May 2010 the main shop Taobao / Tmall managed outsourcing services, has helped many shop sales growth several times.

training features

trainees can get:

1, the combination of learning and training, the students shop for diagnostic analysis.

2 guide to learn to optimize the completion of that shop, have a beautiful shop.

3, apply their knowledge, learn to use, to help students enhance the store sales.

4, free access to online and offline guidance for 3 months.

5, join the VIP group, regular exchange and sharing, enjoy a variety of information resources.

course arrangement

comprehensive analysis of the first class

1, how much cost will be invested?

2, sell what? Where to purchase?

3, full-time or part-time? A person or a team?

4, how