National Day holiday travel Fujian tourists 21 million 246 thousand and 400

with the great improvement of material living standards, people have gradually increased the investment in spiritual life, tourism has become one of the basic needs of life. Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau 7 evening released statistics, National Day Golden Week 7 days, Fujian received a total of more than 21 million 246 thousand and 400 tourists at home and abroad, an increase of 14.9%, total tourism revenue of $14 billion 411 million, an increase of 15.9%. Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau, the Fujian provincial key monitoring of the 23 main scenic area of tourists received a total of 4 million 630 thousand passengers, essentially flat with the same period last year.

national day 7 days, Fujian self driving tour continued hot. According to the results of the sampling survey shows that during the National Day Quanzhou tourists travel accounted for more than 76%. Sanming City major scenic spots (points) received a total of 432 thousand and 300 self driving, an increase of 15.3%. During the national day, train young people as the main self-help increased significantly during the Taining train station is the national import tourists more than 5 people, the Fuzhou train station to send visitors 584 thousand and 600 passengers, an increase of 4.43%; Longyan section of National Day 192 thousand and 300 passenger trips, an increase of 28%.

emerging areas of tourism, rural tourism, eco-tourism, red tourism, urban leisure travel and other tourist products become a hot tourist consumer. Such as Fuzhou Yongtai county rural tourism tourists reached 118 thousand passengers, Zhangzhou Pinghe pomelo picking activities popular. Zhangzhou Huaan county is the second in the county named national Forest Park, local efforts to build a global ecological tour during the national day, nearly 100 thousand tourists, tourism revenue of nearly 60 million yuan. Longyan red tourism 7 days tourists reached 500 thousand passengers, an increase of 19%.

tourism has become a national holiday in the first, facing the great river of the motherland, facing numerous tourist city, Fujian as our coastal city is a beautiful seaside city, much loved and welcomed by consumers. In general, in addition to the number of tourists affected by the typhoon in Xiamen, a slight decline in the number of other districts and cities to maintain rapid growth. It is reported that during the national day, Fujian province 12315 platform received a total of 52 tourist complaints, 9 of which have gone through.

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