Zhao Xinmin home delivery to customers lazy

now can be said to be more and more lazy, but many shopkeepers precisely because mastered the psychology of the people, to provide customers with a more intimate service, let the customer more and more lazy, so the store business is more and more popular. Zhao Xinmin has deep understanding of this point, when it comes to the reasons for the hot business, he introduced: to provide door-to-door service, the customer lazy, so that our business is more and more popular.

I opened the supermarket for more than ten years, because more and more supermarkets, the choice of large customers, the business will become more and more difficult to do. In the face of increasingly deserted business, I racked my brains to think how to make the supermarket business fire up? One day, I was sitting in the supermarket on the counter, suddenly the phone rang. I picked up the phone, a young man’s voice: "boss, I bought two bottles of beer, a bag of fried peanuts, can you give me?"

if the business is good in the past, this business I do not disdain door-to-door. But now the store business is not good, idle is idle, door-to-door delivery, have business to do business better than not strong. I immediately agreed to the requirements of home delivery, and took note of the customer’s address. My wife and I made a few words, electric car ride with two bottles of beer and a bag of fried peanuts left.

I came to the area where the customer think, climbed to the third floor, sounded the customer’s door, the door opened, a young man wearing a vest. The young man said he was to do the shop today, his wife did not come back at noon, he is busy shop business no time to cook, simply buy some peanuts and beer against. He smiled and said, "if I don’t promise to deliver the goods, he’ll be hungry today.".

walk on the way back to the store, thinking young man said, I suddenly. In areas like him Indoorsman Indoorswoman there are many, and now people work all day is very tired to move, some of the older uncle aunt downstairs to walk inconvenience. If the supermarket can carry out door-to-door service will be very popular, the supermarket business will be prosperous.

so I decided to start on the service to do the article, like a big mall seller appliance free shipping, I think the supermarket can also deliver goods. Put your heart into action. I posted a "door-to-door" poster in front of the store, but also a lot of name card and the first printed leaflets, each district near to a whoop and a holler.

since the store to carry out door-to-door service, the store’s shopping hotline as hot as hot line, especially between 6 to 10 hours per night, telephone shopping customers in particular. I simply can not send a person, they hired a delivery member, when the emergency, the wife also acts as a temporary loan officer. An ice cream, a bottle of soy sauce, a bag of monosodium glutamate, even a few cents only earn business, I not only willing to accept the order, it will be hot.