U ten brand list

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era for a variety of electronic products with people’s lives, to the lives of many people brings convenient, but u is such a kind of electronic products. The full name of U disc, USB flash disk, English name "USB flash disk". It is a kind of USB interface without the physical drive of the micro high capacity mobile storage products, through the USB interface and the computer connection, plug and play. Then, U disk which brand is good? Let Xiaobian for everyone secret disk ten brands list.

u ten brand list NO.01, Kingston Kingston, Kingston technology, founded in 1987, headquartered in California, Fountain Valley, Kingston has more than 2400 employees worldwide. The United States fortune magazine as the United States the most suitable for the work of the company". From a single product in 1987 producer, Kingston has more than 2000 kinds of products to support storage, computers, servers and printers to use MP3 player, digital camera and mobile phone etc. almost all storage equipment. In 2007, the company’s annual revenue exceeded $4 billion 500 million. Kingston U ranked first.

u ten brand rankings, SanDisk NO.02 SanDisk is the world’s largest flash data storage card products suppliers. Born in California in 1988, the company was founded by Oddo Paro, an international authoritative Harari Dr. Eli nonvolatile storage technology in the field of 1988. In November 1995, SanDisk became a publicly traded company, its Nasdaq stock code is SNDK. 2004, SanDisk revenue reached $1 billion 800 million. Currently, the company has more than 5000 employees worldwide. The company is headquartered in California city of Milpitas. SanDisk’s products are currently sold through more than 260 thousand global retail stores. SanDisk U disk ranked second.

u ten brand ranking NO.03, Toshiba (Toshiba), is Japan’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, is also the second largest integrated motor manufacturer, belonging to the Mitsui group. The company was founded in July 1875, formerly known as Tokyo Shibaura Electric Corporation, 1939 by Tokyo Electric Corporation and Shibaura produced by the merger, business areas including digital products, electronic components, equipment, household appliances and other social foundation. Toshiba U disk ranked third.

u ten brand ranking NO.04, Pny Technologies Inc PNY Technologies Inc, founded in the United States, "PNY" (Chinese: PNY) Paris name from English words and New York (PARIS and NEW YORK), since 1985 to become a global company, 20 years, PNY has been committed to the development of storage products and manufacturing, in addition to the current in the United States.